5-Step Guide to Facial Feminization Surgery

What is FFS?

FFS – Also known as Facial Feminization Surgery is any surgery, or set of surgical and non-invasive procedures intended to give the face a more feminine appearance. Not all FFS surgical procedures are the same, as each face is unique and will require it’s own enhancements. There’s tons of available research online, which can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help alleviate some stress by breaking down the steps right here for you!


Step 1: Initial Meeting & Consultation 

To get the results you want from facial feminization, a thorough study of each patient’s face is required because every face is different. The specifics of this evaluation will vary depending on the medical clinic. The facial feminization surgeon will often meet with you in person, though web technology has made it possible to have a virtual consultation if necessary. You’ll be required to submit pictures of your face that adhere to particular postures, perspectives, and rules. The essential pictures may be taken in-office, during your initial consultation, by the surgeon or a team member. They should be taken at direct angles, free from anything that would obscure the view of the head and facial characteristics.

Step 2: The Proposed Treatment Plan and Decision Making

The suggested course of treatment can require you to make very personal choices. During this phase, you should take as much time as necessary. When you’re prepared, get in touch with the FFS specialists again to go over your medical procedures in greater depth and get an estimate of your actual facial feminization surgery expenses. Additionally, now is a wonderful time to gather any questions you may have regarding any particular process phase. In most cases, if they haven’t already, the specialists will also collect a detailed clinical history. To ensure they are fully prepared for a medical operation, they may set up certain common clinical trials.

Step 3: Scheduling your Procedures

The medical staff will now work with you to determine the ideal date for your FFS treatment while taking recovery time into mind. You may be asked to set aside a payment to hold the date of your medical procedure. It makes sense to plan your transportation in advance.


Step 4: The Big Day

It’s finally here—the day you’ve been looking forward to while probably feeling anxious, excited, and anticipating! When the big day comes, we advise you to bring a friend or loved one with you to the hospital. It is crucial to have a close friend or family member by your side who can pay close attention to every step of the healing process. The medical staff will conduct examinations and consultations prior to surgery. You will spend 1-2 days in the hospital or an outpatient facility following surgery.

Step 5: Healing and Care After FFS

As the results of facial feminization surgery are not immediate, we request that you remain patient during the healing process.  You will experience swelling as typical with any procedure. As the healing process progresses you will begin seeing your familiar face again – simply a more feminine you! 

If you’re ready to begin your facial feminization journey – please contact Dr. Jumaily at Miracle Mile Medical Group today!