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What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?


What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Corrective Jaw Surgery is typically performed on the lower jaw to address an assortment of skeletal and dental abnormalities. This works by moving the jaw into a place that is well adjusted and functional. This procedure is typically performed by a maxillofacial specialists, such as Dr. Parvaz Mizrahi.


Defining Malocclusion

A malocclusion is a term for jaws that don’t fit together perfectly. Malocclusions can be brought about by an inborn deformity, a physical issue, or essentially the jaw didn’t form at the right rate. While it is rare that someone’s jaws are perfectly aligned – very few require surgery.

Typically, when a person closes their mouth, the upper teeth are just slightly over the lower set and the points of each molar fit in place in the pockets of the opposite molar. If the jaw is not aligned correctly though, the upper teeth may protrude beyond the lower set, having what is called an over-bite. An “under-bite” is when the lower set of teeth protrude beyond the upper ones.  Surgery can correct these issues to improve not only the damage done to your teeth, but to your appearance as well.

Purpose of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery is usually done to resolve functional issues, since a misaligned jaw can cause persistent pain and distress, unnecessary damage to the teeth and can effect the ability to eat and breathe normally.


Most individuals who have misiligned jaws are very aware of their profile. A lower jaw that sticks out regularly gives the individual that bulldog look, while the contrary circumstance can make them show up “week chinned”. Since Orthognathic medical procedure amends fixes issues, it can, and generally does, definitely work on the appearance also. Assuming that you are in the present circumstance, we can utilize current PC imaging to provide you with a thought of what you will resemble later surgery.


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