What is a Frenectomy? What does “Tongue-Tied” Mean?


Have you heard of the phrase “tongue-tied”? If you haven’t, it’s when the thin tissue in your mouth called a “frenum” is overgrown. A frenum is a thin band of connective tissue.
You have two main frena in your mouth:

  • Lingual frenum

Your lingual frenum connects the base of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

  • Labial frenum

Your labial frenum connects the insides of your lips to the front of your gums. You have two labial frena, one at the front of your upper jaw and another at the front of your lower jaw.

The lingual frenum can be seen by looking in the mirror and lifting your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It is the tissue that connects your tongue to the base of your mouth

What Issues Can Come About Being Tongue-Tied?

Being tongue-tied prevents the tongue from moving freely, and constricts it in the mouth. Moderate tongue-ties may be a simple issue of not being able to stick your tongue out fully. More severe cases can cause impairments such as:

Speech impediments

Difficult nursing as a baby

Receding gums


Bite misalignment

Frenectomy is a Safe Easy Procedure

A frenectomy is a simple procedure that involves removing excess tissue on the frenum, leaving you with more mobility of your tongue.

It is a simple procedure that Dr. Mizrahi at Miracle Mile Medical Group can perform with minimal pain. Recovery time is about three to five days.

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