Postpartum Pain Management

Have you or a loved one experienced postpartum pain? Is it normal? Is pain relief possible? What is postpartum pain? One of the top pain specialists in LA sits down and explains what types of pain are normal after delivering and at what point you should go see a pain specialist. With pregnancy, a woman's body experiences a lot of changes. Some of those changes are visible but a lot are not! After a delivery many women start to experience pain and fatigue, which are the most common problems reported in the early postpartum period. Watch our video with Dr. Shahbaz Farnad for more information.

IV Drip Therapy

Ever wanted a quick pick me up or some relief from a throbbing hangover?  Or maybe you are getting over a cold and need an immunity boost? Our Drip Bar Queen, Nurse Erin, sits down and tells us about IV drip therapy. She gives us all the information from the range of IV drips that we offer to how often you can get one. Watch our video with Nurse Erin Ziering to get all your IV drip therapy questions answered.

Botox and Filler

We have so many people who contact our office asking about the differences between Botox and Filler. Today, we sat down with Nurse Aubrey, our Master Injector at Miracle Mile Medical Group to talk about the cost of injectables, if they are safe, and the most common areas patients typically get injected. Aubrey gives us an insight on when it is a good time to get your Filler and Botox touched up and what you can do to prepare before your appointment. Watch our video with Aubrey Mench for more information

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