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R. E.: Thank goodness I found Dr. Farnad. I was in excruciating pain due to back problems and after receiving an MRI, was told I needed to see a spinal surgeon. I was freaking out, and everywhere I called was booked and told me their first availability wasn't until weeks from now. I was referred to Dr. Farnad, and when I called his office Eva was SO kind and accommodating. They could tell how much pain and agony I was in, and made it possible for me to come in the same day. Eva met me in the lobby (I could barely walk) and took such great care of me. Lauren in his office was also very sweet and helped calm my nerves assuring that I was in great hands. Dr. Farnad was very knowledgeable and immediately pinpointed the issue. He answered all of my questions and had great bedside manner. If you want want to feel like a priority and get quick answers, I definitely recommend coming to Dr. Farnad.

M. S.: Recently I have a chance to visit the new office of Miracle Mile Medical Group and Dr. Shahbaz Farnad. I found Dr. Farnad so knowledgeable in the field of pain management, anesthesiology, and sport medicine. He is using the recent technologies and his office is equipped with modern equipment. I highly recommend to my friends and relatives. I also need to mention Miss Eva who is very nice and respectful in the office to assist patients. I would like to share some photos of the office here.


E.M. : Going to a clinic or hospital can be stressful enough.  Today, more than ever, patients have number of choices where to go.  I had a sudden severe, excruciating pain that radiates from the lumbar spine to my buttock area and down the back of my leg - I couldn't move.  I was desperately seeking for a pain management doctor, and luckily found Miracle Mile Medical Center.  Dr. Farnad is professional, kind and compassionate.  He communicates in  "layman's terms."  He treated me as a valued individual, honoring my humanity.   His practice is reliant on teamwork, so apparent by the camaraderie within the other providers -- nurses, technicians and staff.   As Peter Shankman said " customer service is no longer about telling people how great you are.  It's about producing amazing moments in time (like taking me in on a moment's notice and providing the care I desperately needed) and letting those moments become the focal point of how amazing you are, told not by you, but by the customer who you thrilled."

Thank you, Dr. Farnard, and to all your beautiful staff, nurses and cool technicians. You ran a facility with quality health care and staff. Rest assured, I will spread the word..

S. D.: My experience with Dr. Ruder and Dr. Nazarian was the most helpful with my ear. Very patient and understanding and the most very professional. Thank you so much

A. C.: Beautiful new facility with great Doctors and staff. Doctor has great knowledge and is very kind. Very professional Bedside manners. Definitely an addition to the "miracle mile".

S. A.: Dr. Farnad and his staff are absolutely amazing! They made me feel comfortable, confident and right at home! His nurse Lauren was an absolute dream, she was so sweet, intelligent and made it really feel as if a friend was taking care of me the entire time! Dr. Farnad was kind, humble and confident. I felt at ease throughout my entire experience. I can not recommend him enough. The facility is also beautiful and you feel more like you are in a living room rather than a waiting from. Thank you Dr. Farnad, Lauren and the entire staff!

H. S.: Dr. Farnad is awesome!  After I tried everything and nothing worked my friend suggested I schedule an appointment with him.  He answered all of my questions thoroughly, pinpointed exactly what was bothering me and healed me.  I feel like a brand new person.  The front office staff is also really nice and professional.  Highly recommend!

A. R.: Great location, friendly staff, barely had any wait time.

A. R.: Beautiful facility! I met Dr. Farnad and he is so friendly. Front desk staff was welcoming and answered my questions. Would highly recommend.

N. T.: Dr Farnad is the best. He was so professional and patient. His staff is amazing, especially Eva at the front desk. I would highly recommend it. The facility is extremely clean as well.

K. R.: Miracle Mile has been nothing short of fantastic! They are easy to work with and extremely accommodative. Covid testing is quick and easy. Thank you to the staff at this office - they are always professional and kind.

R. A.: The location is very convenient. The waiting area is tranquil and has cucumber infused water! The staff is friendly, they seemed to really care about me and my family and tended to our needs.

J. R.: I’ve had hearing loss for the best part of 10 years and Dr. Nazarian is the first doctor I’ve had who’s proposed a solution. From the first moment I met him he had my trust and all our interactions since have been fantastic. Pre-post surgery we’ve been in close contact and I’ve felt really supported by him and the entire team since. Thoroughly recommend him and the clinic.