Preparing for Your Rhinoplasty


As with any surgery, there are always dos and don’ts that you should follow before following through with a Rhinoplasty. During your consultation, it’s best to bring a list of questions you may have for your cosmetic surgeon in regards to the treatment and recovery period. Every patient will have their own unique questions and concerns, so it’s a great idea to bring them up before going under the knife.

What to Do Prior to Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Make sure you select a date that works with your schedule. This is not a procedure you can attempt to fit in your schedule. You’ll need to give your body the proper recovery time, which is typically 7 to 10 days after surgery to resume normal, daily activities—including exercise.

  • Be aware of what medication (prescription and non-prescription), and sometimes even supplements or vitamins that are to be avoided. You can ask your doctor about these during your consultation.

  • Receive a pre-op physical by your own personal physician. It’s important to have this performed by a family practitioner that knows the most about your medical history

  • Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during the week before your procedure.

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your procedure, or the morning of your procedure.

Do  not wear any face makeup or lipstick, etc. Don’t wear any wigs, hairpins, hairpieces, or jewelry to the surgery. Wear comfortable clothing. Make sure you have a designated driver for you after surgery, and someone that can stay with you for 24 hours after.

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