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Otology & Restorative Hearing

The human ear is an amazing, technical organ and serves many functions that are extremely important for a person’s quality of life. Beyond hearing, the ear is responsible for your balance and spatial orientation. Dr. Nazarian at Miracle Mile Medical Group is focused on restoring lost hearing and balance in those who have suffered a loss.

Meet The Specialist

Dr. Ronen Nazrian

Otology & Restorative Hearing Surgeon

Dr. Ronen Nazarian is board-certified in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and has completed fellowship training in Otology and Skull Base Surgery. Dr. Nazarian was raised in Los Angeles, completing his undergraduate education at UCLA and medical school at USC.


 Dr. Nazarian trained in one of the busiest cochlear implant programs in America, seeing first-hand the daily gratification of restoring a person’s ability to hear. He decided that he wanted to become an expert in hearing surgery, and pursued an additional year of training in otology and skull base surgery.