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Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a selection of procedures, designed to make changes to the face to make it appear more feminine. This procedure is offered for both men and for women who wish to appear more feminine. FFS encompasses several procedures, depending on the patient’s appearance and desires. which can be determined in the consultation. Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is highly specialized and based on extensive research in facial analysis and recognition. At Miracle Mile Medical Group, Dr. Jumaily is one of very few surgeons in North America and the world who are TRAINED in FFS and have the expertise to perform this procedure.

Meet The Specialist

Dr. Jumaily


Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily is a fellowship-trained and double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Jumaily is nationally and internationally known for his expertise in rhinoplasty, forehead reduction, facial feminization surgery (FFS), liplift, facelift and other cosmetic procedures of the face. Dr. Jumaily’s work is highly regarded for the beautiful and natural results that can be customized from subtle to dramatic and life changing. Due to the high domestic and international demand, Dr. Jumaily has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Jumaily's FFS Before and Afters