Common Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis:


What is Sinusitis?

Your sinuses are located behind your eyebrows and forehead, within your cheek’s skeletal structure, behind your nose in front of your brain, and both sides of the bridge of your nose.  An inflammation of your nasal or sinus tract is known as sinusitis. When you have chronic inflammation of your nasal or sinus passage, and it lasts longer than 12 weeks, this is known as chronic sinusitis. If you have four or more of these sinusitis episodes in a year time span it is known as recurrent sinusitis.

Common Symptoms of Sinusitis

Symptoms of sinusitis may include:

  • A feeling of pressure in the face, around the nose, eyes and head
  • Nasal discharge (yellow or green discharge from nostrils)
  • Post nasal drip (mucus drips down to the throat)
  • Cough.
  • Headache
  • Toothache
  • Earache
  • Fatigue

What Causes Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis is typically caused by:

  • A weakened Immune Systems

  • Blocked airways from allergies or conditions like asthma

  • Bacterial, viral or fungal infection

  • Deviated Septums

  • Nasal Polyps

Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis:

There are multiple treatment options for chronic sinusitis, depending on severity level. These options include:

Nasal Corticosteroids: These type of nasal sprays help prevent and treat inflammation of the sinus tract. Although, if these sprays aren’t effective at treating your sinusitis, we might recommend a saline rinsing solution.

Saline nasal irrigation: Either saline nasal sprays, or neti pots to reduces drainage and cleans out irritants and allergies

Allergy Medications: If the cause of the sinusitis is allergies, your physician may recommend allergy medication

Antifungal treatment: If the cause of your sinusitis is fungi, your physician may prescribe an anti fungal treatment.

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