5-Step Guide to Facial Feminization Surgery

What is FFS?

FFS – Also known as Facial Feminization Surgery is any surgery, or set of surgical and non-invasive procedures intended to give the face a more feminine appearance. Not all FFS surgical procedures are the same, as each face is unique and will require it’s own enhancements. There’s tons of available research online, which can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help alleviate some stress by breaking down the steps right here for you!


Step 1: Initial Meeting & Consultation 

Since each face is unique, a thorough evaluation of each patient’s face is necessary to achieve your desired results from Facial Feminization Each medical clinic will differ in precisely how this evaluation is done. Usually, you will visit the facial feminization surgeon face to face, even though web innovation has made it conceivable to have a virtual consultation if required. You will be asked for photos of your face following certain poses, angles, and guidelines. The surgeon or a team member may take the required photographs in-office, during your first meeting. They should be taken at direct points, without things that block the perspective on the facial features and head (for example glasses, hats, and make-up). These photos give the surgeon and their team reference while coming up with the treatment plan.


Step 2: The Proposed Treatment Plan and Decision Making

The proposed treatment plan may leave you with highly personal decisions to be made. You need to take as much time as necessary during this stage. When you’re ready, you can circle back to the FFS experts to review in further detail your medical procedures and confirm what your real facial feminization surgery costs will be. This is also a great time to put together any inquiries you might have about any specific step of the process. Generally, the specialists will likewise take an itemized clinical history assuming they haven’t as of now. They might arrange some standard clinical trials to be completely ready for a medical procedure.


Step 3: Scheduling your Procedures

At this stage, the medical team will work with you to plan the perfect date for your FFS treatment, taking recuperation time into account. You might be approached to put aside an installment to hold your medical procedure date. It’s smart to organize transportation ahead of time.


Step 4: The Big Day

Here it is — The day you’ve been waiting for – most likely with anticipation, nervousness, and excitement! We recommend you bring a companion or loved one with you to the Medical Center when the big day arrives. Having a loved one with you that can pay attention in close detail of the recovery process is extremely important.  The medical team will run pre-operation tests and consultations. After surgery, you will remain in the hospital, or an outpatient facility for 1 – 2 days.

Step 5: Healing and Care After FFS

As the results of facial feminization surgery are not immediate, we request that you remain patient during the healing process.  You will experience swelling as typical with any procedure. As the healing process progresses you will begin seeing your familiar face again – simply a more feminine you! 

If you’re ready to begin your facial feminization journey – please contact Dr. Jumaily at Miracle Mile Medical Group today!